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Where Love Meets the Lens

Photography is my passion. The camera is my escape from the world. It allows me to relive the memories that I cherish most. I've always been one to live in the moment. To embrace every second of the things that make me happiest before it's over. Photography allows me to capture the moments I know I'll never get back and  gives me something to hold onto for years after. It allows me the opportunity to not only relive my favorite memories, but also capture other people's happiest moments as well. That's why I am so dedicated to what I do. I get to capture love, growth, milestones, and priceless moments. It gives me the ability to show who I am as a person through a different point of view.

Memories are meant to be made, and moments are meant to be captured. Every picture tells a story, I'm here to tell yours. 

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